The beginning

I have started a blog before but have struggled to commit for longer than, say, a few months. I believe this to be because I lacked a clear goal, meaning I lacked focus and struggled to come up with creative content. I hope, through participating in 23 things, I can learn about the opportunities and possibilities developing a blog can bring and see how they align with my long term goals.

Also, finding time to blog has been a challenge in the past. Through engaging with this programme, I hope to use the community (and reminder emails) to encourage me to carve out time.

I am on Facebook, and often see posts that link me to a Blog. Sometimes I think “why don’t I write something on this topic” or (risking sounding a little self assured) “I could have written this better”. But I just haven’t gone any further than that. Part of me is apprehensive about putting something out there (the word “trolls” comes to mind).  But 23 things will hopefully give me the metaphorical kick up the rear end I need!

I love Instagram but use it to disseminate my passion for food- and for personal reasons. Similarly, my use of Twitter goes only as far as Tweeting while MasterChef is on! I have signed up to LinkedIn but barely use it!

I look forward to exploring the ways in which 23 Things can help me to use my skills in research and writing to contribute to the evidence base and, of course, open doors to me.

Onwards and Upwards